GiL the B's polygon subdivision script showcased for 2.105

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GiL the B's polygon subdivision script showcased for 2.105

Messagepar thyme » Mer 12 Juil 2006 0:35

Hi Sarah, Arsene, Taranis and All :)

2.105 is ready for download from:

The goal of this version has been to run Gil's subdivision script
GiL showed me this very interesting script late last year when it was written all in JavaScript.

To witness GiL's script converted to Seamless C++ running from his site:

click on the web file button:


and paste in the fowling url into the worldUrl field:

then click go.

The smooth shape to the right is created from the box type shape to the left.

The density of the polygons depends on the value of passe

If passe is set to 1 the number of polygons is doubled. If set to 2 it is doubled again and so on.

The code generated by Seamless's built in compiler wont be as fast as VC8's code when compiled for Release but I was very eager to compare the speed of Seamless's script to Contact's script engine. I tried passe set to 4 and this was the result for my computer:

Seamless3d C++: just under 9 seconds
Bitmanagement Contact 7 JavaScript just under 326 seconds

This makes Seamless's built in compiler 36.2 times faster to generate this many polygons!

Please note in the output wrl all the dstIfs's coordIndex and dstCoord's point should be emptied and all of the MF fields for the Script node should be emptied too using a text editor.

Many thanks to Gil for letting his wonderful script be used as a demonstration for this version of seamless :)
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