Sky belongs to everyone ?????

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Sky belongs to everyone ?????

Messagepar Alain » Sam 06 Nov 2004 22:05

Well , I am not sure if I must re say all about all these things ...
I seem to have said them 10 000 times ...
But !
One friend asked me just now , " can I use your sky , plz " .
I had to search where I got it , it was 2 years ago ,
but I checked and found it .
I had a friend , Maket , from Kiev , Ukraine , and Phillip
Hansel made great things for him , i.e. this world : ... t_dome.wrl .

I used several times the sky from that ...when I was learning vrml from cache :-)
Humm the story is not finished coz during the first Bush , a 3D carneval was online , an excellent one ,
Mardi Gras ,
and one day I changed all in a hurry to make something against Irak war .

I wrote to the builder ,( he was Mr. Phillip with some guests ) , I am not used to write , but it was too special so I did : few days after I received that :

"It is an interesting adaptation to change a party into a war :-)
Sure go ahead and use it, etc etc..... I wish you every success."

Since that time I have the pretentiouness to think to know what we could use from builders , and what we must not .May be I could be wrong from time to time , but I am sure I am not if I say : use that sky from Monet if you need , it is not mine :-)

Re thanx very much Mr.P , and all others , all the generous others .

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